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InDis' eProduct range, eServices and goals reflect its experience and expertise in the field. Throughout the years InDis has specialised in creating effective eSolutions for both small- and medium sized companies as well as large organisations. From small, straightforward websites to advanced integrated e-commerce solutions, InDis can provide the expertise you are looking for.

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InDis works for clients all over the world. It is a big honour and pleasure to work with all and each of our clients. Here we provide a snapshot of those whom we have been working with. Be sure to check out our portfolio to see some of our latest works.

International clients

  • United Nations
  • Digital Media Europe
  • DataQuote Vastgoed informatie
  • VastgoedPRO
  • European Journalism Centre
  • Municipality of Maastricht
  • BRS Business Relocation Switzerland AG
  • DieDame
  • Digital Cities
  • Eduards Trailer Factory BVBA
  • TechSell AB
  • Coronel Instituut voor Arbeid, Milieu & Gezondheid
  • Seniorweb
  • NIGZ
  • KESConsult
  • Groeneborg BV
  • Kansplus
  • Kosmed International
  • Ludwig van Hooren vakfotografie
  • NVG
  • RITM Australia Pty Ltd
  • Siberian Vodka
  • Sentionics
  • Yanos International
  • Tombstone Cards
  • VNG International
  • Vinkeveenhaven
  • Windkracht12 Events
  • The European Young Bar Association (EYBA)
  • Law Office of Joseph C. Korsak
  • KMBV institute
  • Van Dusseldorp
  • AIMED Solutions
  • AIMED Solutions PackageStudio
  • NCvB
  • NVKC
  • Coronel Institute
  • Advies Bureau Schade
  • Gilde Nederland
  • EJTA (European Journalism Training Association)
  • Foundation WSB
  • Edventure
  • ANBO
  • PCOB
  • RCOB
  • Utrechtse Communicatie Kring (UCK)
  • HBO Raad
  • Utrecht University of Professional Education
  • Interactive Publishing
  • @d:tech World
  • Boss & Wijnhoven

Lithuanian clients

  • Honorary Consulate of Monaco in Lithuania
  • Klaipeda Labour Market Training Center
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania
  • European Law Department under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania
  • European Committee under the government of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Lithuanian Institute of Public Administration
  • Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania
  • UAB “Budabaras”
  • AB “Stalių gaminiai“
  • UAB "SG Finances"
  • UAB "DDB Vilnius"
  • Hotel Rinno
  • CJ Wildbird Foods filialas
  • UAB „Klaipėdos darbo rinkos mokymo centras"
  • UAB “Verus Gustus”
  • UAB "Protingi sprendimai"
  • UAB “Simpleksas”
  • UAB "CorpusA"
  • UAB “3e”
  • ŠMIC (Contemporary Art Information Centre)
  • VšĮ “Vertimo, dokumentacijos ir informacijos centras”
  • VšĮ "Culture Artfact"
  • UAB “Spekas ir ko”
  • UAB “Kibernetikos pasaulis”
  • VĮ „Energetikos agentūra“
  • UAB “International Correspondence Course”
  • UAB “Lukrecijos reklama”
  • UAB “Komunikacijos tiltai”
  • UAB “Grida”
  • UAB “Visus plenus”
  • UAB “Valymo sistemos”
  • UAB “Baltic Human Resources”
  • Creative agency Reddo
  • PĮ „Gėlių studija“
  • UAB "Vistus"
  • UAB "Šviesa"
  • Young Urban Media (YOU media)
  • UAB Meranti
  • Vilniaus Turizmo informacijos centras
  • Verslo žinios
  • Tikras maistas
  • MCB Finance
  • Jungtinių Tautų vystymo programa
  • Estravel Vilnius American Express TRS
  • Baltų lankų knygynas
  • Alma littera įmonių grupė