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InDis' eProduct range, eServices and goals reflect its experience and expertise in the field. Throughout the years InDis has specialised in creating effective eSolutions for both small- and medium sized companies as well as large organisations. From small, straightforward websites to advanced integrated e-commerce solutions, InDis can provide the expertise you are looking for.

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  • InDis: eSolutions made Simple
    Building upon more than 21 years of internet development
    We are your perfect partner from simple to advanced and complicated websolutions.
  • Webscraping:
    Turn websites into data
    Better data leads to better decisions. Follow industry trends, gain insights about your customers (and competitors), protect your business:
    the possibilities are endless.
  • Unleash The Power of eTarget
    Interested in optimising your email communications? Do you want to send the right message at the right time?

Internet development

Our eSolutions (websites, from simple, straight forward websites to advanced and complicated systems are state-of-the-art. Most of the esolutions we create are using Concrete5 CMS.

Scraping, Spidering, Crawling

We have been building spiders for over a decade, initially starting with simple php, then enhancing it to C# and lately most of the spiders are using Python.

Target email solution eTarget

Our system is one of the few that allow you to embed images directly in your emails. It means that recipients will see your visuals right away, without having to click on a 'download images'. Ensuring the best User eXperience for your audience!

We provide an awesome webexperience

Pirmas Blynas


Website for Mopedique, professional pedicure active in the area Arnhem-Noord, Rozendaal & Velp. She provides high-quality foot care with personal service touch. By providing regular good foot care she can help with (pain) complaints and the prevention of this. She works exclusively according to the pedicure code for foot care with professional instruments, according to the latest techniques and only with high quality products. Treatments can take place at your home or in her practice. Treatments at your home can be scheduled after consultation.

Janny Bosscher Consulting

Janny Bosscher Consulting

Key services offered: Resource mobilization/institutional funding. Project design and management. Organizational development/change management. Team management and leadership.

brainshop - Ideas unlimited

brainshop - Ideas unlimited

Reputation & brand communications. They provide extra communication power and create meaningful messages, images and actions. Ideas unlimited.

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International company, two European locations. We Provide Amazing Support.
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  • More than 21 Years active on the Global Market
  • Experts in Concrete5
  • Experts in scraping & crawling technologies
  • Flexible and Fast
  • Technology driven but Mobile (and Humans!) first